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We are dealing in PCR, which is suited for a wide number of clinical and laboratory techniques. It is quite useful for diagnosis of genetic disorders and in the detection of bacteria or viruses.
Mag Roller
Mag rollers we deal in are helpful for the feeding of printer. These are functional as the important print components. Their task is to attract the toner particles by making use of electrostatic polarities.
Laser Toner Cartridges
Laser toner cartridges we deal in are used in laser printers. These are cylinder containers occupied with toner. These are useful to make an electrostatic image and are charged with electricity.
OPC Drums
The OPC Drums we deal in are known as the probably the most recognizable components, set in the interiors of toner cartridges. These have many layers and allow for simple function.
Laser Printer Chemical Toner
Laser Printer Chemical Toners we deal in function as the main components of electrophotographic printing. They are known to provide turbocharging attribute for toner particles.
Wiper Blade

We have brought wiper blade, which is a significant device profusely installed in the automobiles specifically cars and are used to remove rain, snow, ice, from front window.

Laser Printer Toner
Laser printer toner we deal in is a powder, utilized to print images and text on the paper. The powder available in the range allow for quick printing of pages.
Photo Quality Inkjet Inks
Photo Quality Inkjet Inks we deal in make use of ink cartridges and work as the main consumable. The inks we deal in are non-toxic in nature and allow for good printing.
DMP Ribbons and Refills

We are engaged in offering DMP ribbons and refills that are crucial products, employed in the printing processes for producing images adhering to commercial requirements and standards.


Doctor Blade
Doctor blades we offer are steel strips suited to eradicate ink from the exterior surface. These are suited for many gravure applications. Offered blades are suited for many printing and coating procedures.
Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges are known for their high efficiency and durability. The product offers faster printing, which plays a mor role for personal and business uses. It significantly requires low maintenance.


We are interested in receiving inquiries for bulk orders.

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